Unicorn of the sea

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The elusive and majestic Watercorn is truly a sight to behold, and if you are ever so fortunate to see one you know how great an honor it is, for they will only show themselves to the keepers of innocence and wonder. Children are often the only ones to see them and experience the magical power of this very small creature. Sometimes when a child has been visited by a Watercorn, it may return to them one last time in old age, when the spark of youth and sweetness has returned. If you ever see one, you must tell only a person who is peaceful in nature and not filled with greed. Although they are very clever and will remain hidden from those who lack good intention, we must guard and protect the glorious home of this remarkable and rare, Unicorn of the Sea. 


Each little Sea Unicorn is designed and handmade by me in my home studio. They are approximately 7.5" tall and filled with recycled poly filling. Their hair is delicate and should not be brushed or combed or pulled on. They are heirloom collectables and welcome gentle play from a child of appropriate age.


Some other facts about Watercorns: Like their seahorse cousins, they prefer to swim in pairs and they mate for life. They can swim to the depths of the ocean and fly as high as the sky, and most importantly, the word 'Watercorn' must always be pronounced with a delightful english accent*